Omnichannel Solution

We are committed to the development of e-commerce portals for multiple channels.

Our developers and analysts are passionate about technology. They are always experimenting with new ways to improve customer experience.

omnichannel solution omnichannel solution

Our customer experience focus is placed on two underutilized features with many growth opportunities for retailers: mobile devices and customer experience customization.

  • We are 100% Responsive
  • IPhone OS compatible HTML5 technology, Android Pinch, multi-touch and image scaling
  • CRM Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • Logistics and shipping Integration
  • Native app Integration
  • Print catalogue download support
  • Branch and Location individual stock keeping
  • Location Based Services

E3ecommerce connectable platform

Integration with 3rd party services and complementary platforms ensure scalability.

E3ecommerce Multiportal Platform

Modules & Functionality

Every tool for a successful ecommerce implementation

General Management
  • Multi-portal Platform, Retail and Wholesale
  • APIs for connecting external applications
  • Catalog Import and export with varied schemes
  • Unlimited Price lists set by item or user group
  • Sales, Users and Catalog reports and statistics
Content Management
  • Complete admin panel for menus, banners, categories, pages and products
  • Custom code management for all pages
  • Multi-portal, multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Individual and global business rules (discounts and surcharges)
  • Intelligent and predictive search engine
Sales process
  • Multiple ways to organize the sales process and shopping cart
  • Assistance, automated actions and real-time online tracking
  • Multiple payment options and integrated logistics
  • Online billing and invoicing
  • One page checkout
  • Facebook or OpenId Login and registration
Marketing & Sales
  • Omnichannel platform: supports call center users, branches and web
  • Custom and mass promotions. Product comparison
  • Promotional coupons. Product Re-marketing
  • Product Ratings and Reviews
  • Facebook store. Wishlists.
  • Google Analytics integration
SEO Search engine optimization
  • Integrated Titles and descriptions (Meta Data)
  • Google SiteMaps
  • Google analytics and Ecommerce Tracking
  • URL rewriting on pages
  • Auto generated RSS feeds
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking Code
Front End (Design)
  • Completely customized design and site structure
  • Ecommerce and Mobile Applications. Responsive design.
  • IPhone OS compatible HTML5 technology; Android Pinch, multi-touch and image scaling
Total Control ecommerce
  • We give you the power to control content addition and updates, both inside and out of your organization
  • Source code access
  • Automatic periodic updates
Integrated payment systems & shipping
  • Real time product shipping costs through connections to logistics partners and internal logistics engine
  • Online and offline payments collections through any integrated payment methods
MercadoLibre Integration
  • HTML generation for product publishing
  • Catalog updates in MercadoLibre
  • Statistics and sales tracking
  • Official Store and MercadoPago payment system integration

Multi-Portal Platform®

Our platform has the ability to generate unlimited self-managing portals from a single content management system and a single database, thus optimizing resources and unlimited implementations for each business model.

Ascendent and Descendent Model

Multiportal® Structure

Our Multiportal Platform has the ability to generate unlimited portals managed from a single Control Panel.

General application examples:
  • Corporate portals for each individual brand for multi brand manufacturers
  • Portals for each physical branch when a multi-branch retailer
  • Portals for each product line
  • Portals for each different customer segment
  • Portals for each geographical region
  • Portals for each Language / Currency
Mobile, App, Tablet, Desktop, Call Center, Print Catalog, Interactive Kiosk, Physical Store

Implementations by business model

Select your business model and find solutions for each kind of project

Our client approach in 2016 will be placed on two little - used features with many opportunities for retailers in Argentina: mobile devices and customer experience customization.

Loyalty, re-sale and customer upsale effort integration from clients’ e-commerce sites and their users’ mobile device experience may be one of the simplest ways to generate instant returns.

Formulating a strategic and action plan including customization across all customer acquisition channels, from web and e-mail to mobile and social networking platforms.

We consider one to one communication with customers essential. Data collection based client behavior and interaction, either through purchase and browsing history at e-commerce sites as well as data from transactions occurring in brick and mortar stores, allow the eventual creation of highly customized and efficient communications and offerings.

Companies’ growing expectations of carrying out online purchasing and sales, increasing interest in mobile order placement, along with the popularity of e-marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba.com and vertical Multi-portals, made B2B the business model with the most transactional volume on the web. Our B2B platform provides all the functionality needed for a successful wholesale business ecommerce integration.

B2B sales are Good Business

B2B sales double those of the B2C model.
Customer acquisition: 80% of new customers come through the e-commerce channel.
New B2B buyers are educated, social and do not require face to face contact.
Customer retention, the long-term success goal of your e-commerce program.

B2B is improving your product catalog

  • 76% of customers say the most important design factor for a website is it being accessible "the website makes it easy for me to find what I want".
  • The average conversion rate reported by B2B poll respondents was 10%, much higher than the average of 3% reported by business executives and consumers who responded to the survey.

BtoB is Global

B2B organizations operate in an average of 7 languages, multiple currencies and cultures, shaping the expectations of customers who visit their site.

Direct sales and channel sales can coexist on the Internet. How?...

Through our Multiportal® platform, a central portal feeds the Brand’s products, product information, stock and prices to unlimited retailer or distributor portals.

Also, these portals can place orders on the Central Portal, allowing for stock and catalog automation in real time, for all sales channels.

The marketplace model is now in decline, new sales models that bring together buyers and sellers are absorbing it. Consumers are now experts do not need the old and tired marketplace business model.

Meet our multi-portal model, the evolution of Marketplaces.
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How to join efforts in a store network and optimize web resources and expenditure?.
You can with our platform.

  • Resource Optimization
  • Leading edge evolutive e-commerce platform.
  • Barrage SEO strategy
  • Price moderation
  • Sales through Geo-Location
  • Consolidated Browsing experience
  • Pre-loaded catalog with automatic update for each location.
  • Increase your leverage with brands and manufacturers
  • Industry and consumer trends and statistics
  • Advanced business rules
  • Integrated payment and shipping systems

No stress.
Turnkey solution.

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